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Jonny Moss

08 April 2024

We love playing golf. There’s nothing quite like stretching your legs and enjoying being among nature for an 18-hole stretch.

That being said, it’s only normal to start to feel tired when we’re outdoors walking and swinging golf clubs for hours at a time. It’s always those last few holes where fatigue starts to set in and we can feel ourselves not being as focused as we were earlier in the round.

If you have a golf hole on the back 9 that’s your particular nemesis, feeling tired could be one of the contributing factors to why regularly find it challenging to play. The average golf course yardage, and walking from tee to green while meandering over the fairways, means we’ll likely be walking over 5 miles each round.

That’s a long distance, especially if you’re carrying your clubs and equipment on your back! So, what can we do to keep our fatigue at bay to better our performance?


Do you own an Electric Trolley?

If you already own an electric trolley, you’ll be aware of how easy they are to use. Instead of having to carry your clubs, your bag easily slots onto the trolley, and the motorized functionality has you walking along with your clubs rather than needing to push them.

If you think about it, playing golf with an electric trolley is the easiest, most energy-conserving method of enjoying the game, besides having your own dedicated caddy that is. But modern electric trolleys like those from Motocaddy do much more than carry your clubs.




66% of our survey respondents prefer to use an electric trolley when making their way around the course.

The very latest trolleys from Motocaddy can make your time spent on the course even more enjoyable, and all the cutting-edge features will really sharpen up your game. With the company having expanded the kinds of trolleys available in their range, you could be finding your next ideal trolley in 2024 releases.

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The latest Motocaddy trolleys

Simple compact-folding
Easily removable wheelsXXXX
Multiple speed settingsXXXX
LCD displayXXX
GPS capabilitiesXX
Dynamic GreenviewXX
Smartphone alertsXX
Score trackingXX
Forward, left, right,
& reverse controls
Remote handsetX

If you’re in the market for a new electric trolley, you need look no further than Motocaddy. They have a whole range of different models designed to suit your needs. From the entry level SE model, to the bells-and-whistles packed M7 GPS.


Motocaddy's M1 Electric Trolley

The M1 is simple and easy to use. With Motocaddy’s Click ‘N’ Connect battery and compact-folding system, as well as space-saving wheels, you’ll find setting it up a breeze. This model also has a vivid display that lets you see your speed and battery meter at a glance.

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Motocaddy's M5 GPS Electric Trolley

Using sophisticated GPS technology, the M5 GPS can give you all sorts of fascinating data, such as distance readings to the green and nearby hazards. All of this information is easy to read on a glossy touchscreen display. With the Dynamic Greenview feature, you can drag and drop the flag to get a better view of the green. This electric trolley is a must-have if you want the absolute advantage over your approach shots.

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Motocaddy's M7 GPS Electric Trolley

The M7 GPS has all the game-changing tech available in the M5 GPS trolley but with the added feature of it having remote control capabilities. With a nifty handheld device, you’ll be able to pilot the speed of your trolley as well as have it turn right and left. This premium electric trolley is the pinnacle of modern golfing tech, and you’ll love having it with you out on the course.

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You can pick up an alternative to the M1, M3, M5, and M7 models that has all the same tech but with the added DHC (automatic downhill control) feature. This useful feature means the trolley will automatically break and keep itself at a sensible speed when travelling down slopes so that it doesn’t fly away from you.


Motocaddy's SE Electric Trolley

If you’ve never owned an electric trolley before and you’re looking for a dependable model that’s also affordable, you can’t go wrong with the new SE. This electric trolley is very easy to set up and pack away again thanks to the folding mechanism, and it has handy, straightforward indicators that show you what speed setting the device is set to.

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If you’d like to learn more about these kinds of electric trolleys and how their various functions can help boost your game, we’re available to offer you our expert advice in the pro shop.

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